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Trips and Slips


Trips and falls occur very often and sometimes leave you with no personal injury just a bruised ego. However when injuries do occur, you may be entitled to compensation. These accidents can lead to head injuries, back injuries, fractures and in more serious accidents they can lead to paralysis. 


PJW Law are the go-to North Wales personal injury solicitors for any slipping or tripping accident. PJW Law have higher than average success rates in these complicated cases and have been to the Court Of Appeal in tripping cases setting legal precedent in these challenging area of the law. PJW Law have an unrivalled track record and have recently recovered £88000 recently for a lady who stepped of a kerb not realising that it was a deeper than normal kerb.Phillip Watters is an expert in Highways compensation claims against local authorities and has recovered well over £1.5 million in tripping accident claims.


How do trips and slips occur?


Slips are most often caused by wet and slippery surfaces, which can be a consequence of negligence with regards to cleaning and drying the flooring in work and public places. If a wet floor sign has not been used to indicate the hazard than they are at fault. Other trips and slips include slipping on an icy surface where no hazard signs have been used; tripping over obstacles. such as wires, boxes and litter; tripping over on uneven paving or road surfaces(potholes and cattle grids) and tripping down a poorly maintained staircase. 


Who will the claim be against?

These kind of claims can be more complicated as evidence can be hard to collect and it can be difficult trying to determine who the claim should be made against. The party at fault is usually whoever is responsible for the place that the accident occurs. Indoors it is whoever owns the building, that could be the owner of the business or the council for state owned properties. In outdoor, public places often the council are responsible. 


What should you do if you have suffered from a trip or slip?


Firstly you should make sure that you have sought the right medical attention. Then make a record of the accident including details of where, when and how the accident occurred. When you are ready you should contact PJW law and we can deal with your claim for you. 


Together we will claim for:

  • Compensation for injury sustained from the accident

  • Money lost for time off work for recovery

  • Any loss of potential earnings in the event of a permanent disability preventing you from continuing in your current line of work

  • Expenses for rehabilitation and private medical treatment to get you back on your feet.As one of the foremost North Wales personal injury solicitors practices PJW Law has built up a network of the finest surgeons and rehabilitation teams in the country as getting you back to normal is as important to PJW Law as getting you compensation.


What does it cost?

If you ask us to deal with your trip or slip compensation/personal injury claim we will discuss the fee arrangements clearly and carefully before asking you to sign our terms and conditions.


 “No Win No fee” is usually the best option for clients, although other fee arrangements are available. All of which will be explained at your first free appointment.


There are no “upfront” fees, no hidden charges. If you lose the case you pay nothing at all.