Personal Injury - It's what we do!

Phillip Watters of PJW Law Llandudno is committed to helping victims of accidents obtain justice, with 25 years experience and recovering well in excess of £20 million in compensation for his clients throughout North Wales and beyond.


Phil sees his role as more than just getting compensation for clients, he helps his clients get back on their feet with rehabilitation using his network of medical, occupational and rehabilitation experts. He aims to get even those who have been seriously injured back to as normal a life as possible.

As Phil will often tell you £2 million can never replace an amputated limb or your eyesight and he sees his role as making sure you get the compensation you deserve but also receive the very best of medical treatment (paid for by the guilty party). Amputees have had Phil's assistance in accessing cutting edge prosthetics resulting in a return to work and a normal life, with motorcyclists even able to get back on their beloved bikes.

How we can help

Phil can help with any and all types of accidents from accidents at work, on the street, on the road, at sea or in the air. Phil likes to meet clients face to face and predominantly acts for Personal Injury and Medical Negligence clients in North Wales covering Pwhelli to Holyhead, Llandudno to Wrexham. Phil offers home visits as standard.

Phil also has extensive experience of handling catastrophic and very serious injury cases but has a motto "no case too small" and we actively pursue cases for those less seriously injured with the same determination and vigour as we do those seriously injured. Settlements obtained by Phil for the victims of car crashes where the client has sustained whiplash injury of relatively short duration (ie: 12 to 18 months) average £4000 to £4500 whilst the national average as per AXA insurance was £2000 in 2011 and £2400 in 2014.

Every case is different and the amount of the claim is dependent on the speed of the collision, whether liability is admitted and the extent and period of symptoms.

Please contact us now if you have been involved in accident which was not your fault. We enjoy the fight to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

What will it cost?

PJW Law  will following a completely free of charge initial consultation with you individually risk assess your case and if we are of the view that it has reasonable prospects of success we will offer you the benefit of a No Win- No Win agreement.

Your case is our case and we will devote all our efforts to securing a successful outcome. PJW Law will fund the case from their own resources until it is concluded. If ultimately the case is lost you will be safe in the knowledge that you will not have to pay a single penny.

If we are acting for you under a No Win No Fee agreement and you lose it will not cost you a penny.


What will it cost if I lose?

Nothing. We will either obtain insurance for you to cover your costs or we will use your existing insurance or other cover you may have to pay your legal costs should your case fail. 

What happens if I win?

As solicitors the law says that your opponent's insurance company must pay a contribution to our costs, providing they are reasonable if we win your claim. Therefore the insurer pays you your compensation in addition to a contribution toward our costs. There may be some costs to be deducted from your compensation but this is very much dependent upon the type and complexity of the case.  It may be even if you win, you will not be charged anything at all.

Contact us now and we will deal with your personal injury claim with no risk and no worries!


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