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Fatal Accidents


No one can describe the pain and emotional distress of losing a loved one. No amount of compensation can ever replace that loss. Claiming for compensation might be the last thing on your mind... but sometimes it’s about obtaining justice.


The unexpected death of a loved one can leave far reaching financial implications for family that are left behind. The accident victim may have dependants - children, wife/husband or co-habitee. There may not have been pre-paid funeral arrangements in place.


What types of compensation can I claim for?

Compensation may be recovered on behalf of the estate of the accident victim for:-

  • The pain and suffering of the person who has died.

  • Financial losses between the date of the accident and their death

  • Funeral and other expenses.

These claims are brought on behalf of the estate under the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934.


Help for the people that are left behind...

Large Financial claims can also often be made (under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976) by financial dependants of the person who has been killed, such as wife, husband, co-habitee or children.


How much a dependant can claim varies, it takes into account the level of earnings of the person who was killed, the ages of everyone concerned and the level of financial dependency.


In addition to other claims, a ‘Bereavement Award’ may also be payable to certain family members (i.e. the wife/husband of the deceased or parents - if the person who had the fatal accident was under the age of 18). This award is a fixed amount by law (currently £12,980) and in our view is a contemptible amount to put on the loss of someone you love. This claim is made under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976.


What next?

Understandably, this is a very sensitive thing to have to consider. At PJW Law we are here to support you and explain each step of the process it takes to start a claim. We feel that such matters are best talked about either face to face or ear to ear. Make an appointment or give us a call to have a chat to us about your situation. The initial consultation is always free with absolutely no financial implication for you.


What does it cost?

If you ask us to deal with a fatal accident claim we will discuss the fee arrangements clearly and carefully before asking you to sign our terms and conditions.


 “No win No fee” is usually the best option for clients, although other fee arrangements are available. 


There are no “upfront” fees, no hidden charges. If you lose the case you pay nothing at all.



Example Cases


Fatal Cycling Accident


£225000 for a wife and 2 children whose father/husband died cycling to work. The claim included a financial dependency claim for the widow and children, together with a loss of services claim, funeral expenses, the statutory award, loss of pension etc.


Denied Medication in Police Custody


£75000 for an unemployed husband who died in police custody after being denied medication. Although there was no real financial dependency there was a considerable loss of services claim and other associated losses