Change of Name Deeds


You don’t have to follow a legal process to start using a new name. But you might need a ‘deed poll’ to apply for or to change official documents like your passport or driving licence.


You must be over 18 and can change your name to anything you wish by a deed poll. It is a quick process and can be done sometimes during the one visit. For it to be officially recognised it needs to be registered or enrolled at the Royal Courts Of Justice who charge a fee of £36 to officially register your new name. This is becoming more and more necessary due to the growth of fraud and identity theft and PJW Law strongly recommend it.


Our fee for producing a change of name deed starts from £75.00 + VAT and the fee payable to register is payable in addition (£36 as above).


To change the name of a child aged under 18 (sometimes called a ‘minor’) its a bit more involved. You’ll need either:

  • the agreement of everyone with parental responsibility

  • a court order

You must try to reach agreement before you seek a court order.


If a court order is required we will refer you to a specialist matrimonial solicitor.


If you need help or advice regarding a change of name contact Phillip Watters on 01492 553999

Prices start from £75.00 + VAT