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Claims for Accidents Which Happened While Abroad


Family holidays are precious, whether you enjoy relaxing in the sun, cruising or an action packed adventure... you may have saved long and hard and looked forward to a bit of time away from daily life. When the holiday that you have dreamt about goes seriously wrong through no fault of your own, it can be very upsetting.


Can I make a claim?

If your holiday was booked as a ‘package holiday’ the law permits the accident victim to make a claim against the holiday organiser – this could be the tour operator or your travel agent.


The term ‘package holiday’ is defined as combined transport and accommodation that are offered for sale in the UK at one all inclusive price and lasting for more than 24 hours.


What types of compensation can I claim for?

  • Road Traffic Accidents – Passenger, driver or pedestrian (car, motorcycle or scooter crashes)

  • Accidents or illness at sea – Cruise, boat/sailing

  • Sport Activity – injury from water sports or other recreational activities

  • Trip or slip/illness at hotel or resort premises – e.g. poolside accidents, food poisoning

  • Cancelled flights

  • Aircraft or Airport Accidents


What next?

At PJW Law we are here to support you and explain each step of the process it takes to start a claim.

We feel that such matters are best talked about either face to face or ear to ear. Make an appointment or give us a call to have a chat to us about your situation. The initial consultation is always free with absolutely no financial implication for you.


What does it cost?

If you ask us to deal with accident abroad claim we will discuss the fee arrangements clearly and carefully before asking you to sign our terms and conditions.


“No win No fee” is usually the best option for clients, although other fee arrangements are available. 


There are no “upfront” fees, no hidden charges. If you lose the case you pay nothing at all.

Please note special time limits apply to accidents on planes and ships so don’t delay and contact us now.

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Example Cases


Poor Maintenance

Phil has recently settled a claim in relation to a passenger on a cruise ferry were her cabin door had been poorly maintained and caught her on the foot breaking her big toe and injuring her ankle. Phil has also pursued claims in Spain, France, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Croatia to name but a few.